Lately 001

I’ve decided that I’m going to start blogging here —to share photos that tend to fall through the cracks,  work I do, showcase my writing. I blogged regularly in high school and college, and, if we’re being honest, I miss it. I miss taking my thoughts and putting them down in a little text box, moving things around, having photos accompany it. When I look back on my blogs from the past, I’m struck by the ways that I described things—trips, experiences, moments. Not everything is poetic always, but it can be. And I’m trying to (cheese alert!!!) figure out my voice, what I’m trying to say, how to get back to myself, who I am, etc.—you know, normal millenial/mid-twenties stuff. 


Here are some photos from the last couple of weeks, and what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been running a lot during quarantine, but obviously whenever it snows I find that option….limited as well. So photo walks it is! Last time that it snowed Judith was home in JP so we met up and walked around—we timed it perfectly so we got that nice reflective cloudy white snow-ness, and the moody blue hour. 

This week was Ash Wednesday. I was raised Catholic™ and while I’ve struggled with the politics of the Catholic Church as an adult, I find that it’s hard to leave some things behind. I don’t go to Mass regularly anymore, but I still get my ashes. It’s always an occasion, something to remember—getting them before assignments in Laramie, or in a cathedral in Germany where they burned them on the alter and monks chanted ominously…. last year I got them at the shrine near Downtown Crossing before getting Vietnamese and going to a drag show. I love it. It’s a weird, special event (all of Lent is a weird, special event) and I really do find some shred of comfort in the traditions that raised me. 

This year I was a little emotional about the fact that I wasn’t going to be getting ashes, but then Brenna came home with some! To-Go ashes! What a concept. It turns out that she works with some Irish Catholic mom-types, who, when she mentioned it, knew exactly where to obtain the goods. (God bless Irish Catholic moms) So we gave ourselves ashes in our living room, and I took photos the whole time (which my mom said was blasphemous, but hey! It was a documentary photo moment. I’ll share those photos with my kids some day)

And, here are some from a walk with Brenna. Catch a theme here? I’m working on my ~street photography~—and by that I mean 1. capturing Boston as I see it, 2. working on spotting colors in compositions (i.e., red brick, red car) and 3. building presets in lightroom to fool with mood/color and show what it looks like in my head/how I see the city. 

Finally, two photos from home—a photo of my dad in the woods the week before his birthday, and Brenna’s cat soaking up the sun in their new house. 

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