brenna and i tempted fate in february and booked a trip to montreal for two days—so, naturally, we arrived shortly before a huge storm dumped a foot of snow on the city. but it was still fun! we tromped around the city and worried about parking and stayed in two separate airbnbs. 

i’ve been watching a lot of movies + tv lately (with the pandemic, who isn’t?) and i’m starting to take apart each scene while i’m watching—note the lighting, the composition, colors, tone, etc. it’s a lot of fun, and it’s weird to think that i didn’t used to do that, that my vision has physically changed. 

when brenna and i went to montreal, i started noticing that my photos themselves are were taking on a slightly cinematic feel. it wasn’t enough to take photos on the trip—i wanted each one to be a magical little moment, perfectly composed, its own little story. which is what i want, anyways—what i’ve always wanted. and i’m still far from being a good/great photographer, i think, but it’s really nice when you get to see a shift in your work come across so obviously.