new hampshire

Some photos from two days spent in New Hampshire! What a treat. 

Last Tuesday, my friend Kayla and I trekked up north—we were supposed to camp overnight, but looming thunderstorms meant that we cut our trip short and kept it to hiking Mt. Moosilauke. This was my fifth peak—just 43 more 4,000 foot mountains in New Hampshire to go! 

At the the top of Mt. Moosilauke, there’s an alpine meadow (!!!), which I haven’t seen since Wyoming, so i was already pretty excited but THEN the entire peak was enshrouded in mist, and everyone was shadowy figures and it was pretty freaking cool. I brought my Fuji camera, which I still can’t get the hang of, which was a little disappointing but I’ll have the mental memory of it ~forever~. 

Then on FRIDAY, I headed up to New Hampshire again to hike with my dad and brother. We hit the Franconia area right around sunset, and were treated to these beauutiful clouds. 

We got up early and hiked Mt. Cabot, which physically almost broke me. I brought my R6 but it spent most of the hike in my backpack, because I was already hiking pretty slow and holding up the gang. But I made the whole 9.4 miles, listened to the river rushing and got covered in dirt and felt so happy. Can’t wait to get back (42 to go!) 

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