running compositions

Brigham Circle, Mission Hill, Boston, Massachusetts

During the pandemic, I’ve picked up a new hobby: on a Saturday or Sunday, I leave my house and run five or six miles in one direction. Then I take the T home. It’s a great way to mix it up, because it allows me to go further in one direction while avoiding having to do a loop. It’s also been a great way to see more of Boston & Brookline! I’ve explored so many more streets and have a much stronger idea about how different neighborhoods connect. 

The one problem with these runs, however, is that I can’t bring my camera with me. I’m constantly taking little mental snaps of cool buildings and streets and swearing that I’ll go back, only to forget (until my next run takes me that way, anyhow). But yesterday, my sister and I went on a very long walk, and as we meandered our way through the city, I had us take detours to certain scenes I’ve spotted while running. It felt so nice to have them captured, purposefully—which is the energy I’m planning on bringing into 2022 ✨

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